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Spedeweekend 2018

Originally on Whistlin' Jack Smith Facebook page 2018

Another vintage Spedeweekend, it'll be remembered as the hot one!


NHR World 305, 962, 115, 20, 17, 342, 162, 209, 960, 23
Wildcard 76, 15, 333, 174, 31, 118, 615, 172, 61, 669
2L European 54, 43, 36, 303, 11, 979, 133, 941, 844, 280
Lightning Rod British 636, 920, 57, 917, 51, 337, 909, 970, 339, 68
Classics National 17, 871, 72, 97, 445, 924, 555, 210, 121, 236
Stock Rod East Anglian 911, 171, 25, 928, 97, 5, 972, 224

Congratulations to Billy Wood on scooping the biggest prize in Hot Rod racing. An early crash wiped out some leading men when Terry Hunn stopped on track and was ran into, Billy just nipped by on the shale to avoid, he used up another life by cutting between the unnecessary tractor tyres. Glenn Bell lead most of the race but throttle problems caused him to slow in the final few laps before retirement. Wood held on from Christie, Haird and McDonald on a very greasy track.

For the Nick Thomas memorial it looked like a repeat of the World as Wood led Christie but they were both passed by Hylands, I was tempted to bet on him for the World but I saved my money for donuts.

Hylands also won the main event in the 2 Litre Hot Rods, a race where Adam Best came over the start line sideways onto the shale and into the tractor tyres which caused him to roll over.

As expected there was more carnage in the Lightning Rods, I had thought they were quiet in the heats but they saved the drama for the final. Plenty of barging, revenge hits and ramming into parked cars. Yes very entertaining but is this really Hot Rod racing? Lee Skoyles being the winner in this race.


Northern Ireland dominated the Stock Rod racing by winning all 3 races and McMillan raced off into the distance to claim the East Anglian Championship, not really sure why they raced for such a title over the weekend. Kenny Purdie made up for a poor start by passing Graeme Callendar in the final of the Classics.

Overall it was a brilliant Spedeweekend, the crowd did seem thinner than years gone by and those that stayed away you missed a cracker. I did come home looking very brown however that tan ended up down the plughole; suncream does attract shale dust. For the second year in a row I ended with a poor choice of hotels, maybe I'll convince the wife to camp in the future. Barring the bangers there was excellent racing from both the contact and non-contact classes, well done to Spedeworth for putting on a brilliant show well worth it. Thanks as ever to the drivers for entertaining us, their teams for helping them get onto track and marshalls for keeping the racers safe. I really loved watching my 30th NHR World Final in a row and I look forward to the next one.










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