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Okey Kokey

2nd March 2020

Meet John, he plays at open mic sessions.

John grew up loving music, he wanted to be a musician but that never happened, he got a job and family and is very happy but music is a big part of his life. He spends most of his spare time playing guitar, improving his technique and has bought many costly guitars. Sometimes it's a strain on his family life as plays so much but they all understand how much he loves it. He knows he'll never be a famous rock star, he does go on stage at an open mic session, he first chose a venue called The Okey.

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The set-up works quite well, John gets a buzz from performing with his guitar whilst the venue benefits from earning extra money on evenings like this. The crowd is made up of casual music fans who want some form of entertainment and the rest are family and friends of the performers, there are many similar people to John. The crowd spend their cash so everyone is a winner, or so you would think.

It all went wrong for John when he spotted another open mic night, this was at a similar venue called the Okey-Kokey, this in essence provided exactly the same deal for John he was able to perform and the venue earned money from customers through the door. The Okey-Kokey had the same vision and earns money the same way. Some people thought the standards of the Okey-Kokey were not as good as the The Okey and also the crowd was smaller. This didn't matter to John he just wanted to perform, it was his guitar and it was his time put into making the performance better.

The owner of The Okey found out about John performing at the Okey-Kokey and was not happy, even though they were on different evenings and The Okey wasn't even open the owner was outraged. He let John know that a rule was in place to stop him doing this, he was now banned from The Okey for 12 months, if he played again at the Okey-Kokey the 12 month ban would reset from that date. The ban however was just for performing, if he wanted to pay the entrance fee to watch others that was not a problem, the owner was still happy to take his money.

John was annoyed he felt he was being unfairly punished, he pointed out that it was his instrument, it was his time he spent improving and the better he became the more enjoyable his performance was. That in turn made the evening more interesting and would entice customers to come back. The promoter disagreed. John said that if he wasn't performing at The Okey his friends and family would also stop attending, the promoter didn't want to listen to him. John eventually thought it's not worth the hassle and has started fishing instead.

Disclaimer: any similarities with names and locations are purely co-incidental, this is a fiction scenario. John also has a BBC TV license; he then started watching Netflix, should he be banned from watching the BBC?










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