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What I like

Originally on Whistlin' Jack Smith Facebook page 2017

After reading too many posts on FB about what is wrong with oval racing at present I thought I would share my thoughts on what I liked about the recent Northampton meeting for National Hot Rods and 2 Litre Hot Rods.

Hot Rods at Northampton

Firstly this combination is brilliant, the top Hot Rod formula and the stepping stone compliment each other perfectly. I love watching Hot Rods under the lights, Northampton works well for this and being my nearest track is another bonus. Favourite race of the night was the 2L English Final as I was gunning for Paul Wright, who lost out at the start then seemed likely to pass Turiccki at the restart and again started to close in as the chequers neared. A race that keeps your eyes glued to the front to the very end is a common feature of oval racing and one of the many appeals for me.

The rain did fall and the cars did go a little sideways at times but even in the tricky conditions there wasn't many rotations. You have to admire the skill of the drivers in a finite arena, I counted 16 Nationals on one straight during the final, that's a lot of competition in very close proximity and watching a mass of Hot Rods is a real thrill, heightened by the floodlights. I was seated on the bend but anywhere on the track at this point would have witnessed bumper to bumper racing and I think that is a major draw of the sport.

The pitter patter of rain on my umbrella actually made me happy, its a sound I've often enjoyed. I could make the engine noise disappear as I got sucked into the moment. Don't give me sideways rain, he ain't my friend.

During the week I miss racing yet stepping through the turnstiles is incredibly uplifting to me, getting into a decent viewing position and settling back is the icing on the cake. I can just sit back and embrace real entertainment, now a few days later I feel like I've been recharged. Forget your summer holidays with sandy beaches I just need a racing fix.










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