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Return of the Hot Rod site

Paul Ballard 2019

Welcome race fans to the new look website, a lot has changed even the name. The Whistlin Jack Smith website has formed the foundation to this site.

Head back about 13 years ago and I felt there was many missing gaps from Hot Rod racing in terms of gathering race results and general information hence setting up the site. This was during a period of the decline of magazines and the internet not being fully embraced. Since then a regular website has lost its place to social media which I don't really like. There's a lot of information there but itís not always easy find, you need to be a member of a group and the interesting posts get easily pushed down by repetitive posts. I thinks it has gone full circle and yet again a home for hot rod information needs to exist, but this time with a better web address. The old address has been snapped by a fashion brand.

If you ever wondered why the WJS site closed I had a few issues that caused my interest wane. I remember thinking that Hot Rods got a bit samey and I wasn't enjoying Tigras year after year in National Hot Rods. However personally my life was unwinding, my dad passed away after beating off many illnesses until his body couldn't beat any more. Years on even though I love Hot Rods and Stock Car racing it still doesn't feel the same without him. Life did provide a glimmer of hope as I was expecting my first baby but luck wasn't on our side as his birth was way too early to have any chance. Those few savage months changed me as I didn't really have much motivation, I eventually left employment to recharge myself. Hobbies had stopped and that included updating the website.

During this period I had owned a Lightning Rod that I wanted to race but my mechanical ability isn't that good and my dad was my go to man for mechanical assistance amongst many things. I actually had a rolling car for 2 years before getting the engine and brakes sorted. If I had got my head in gear I could have raced at Wimbledon, I did however race for the last 3 Arena Essex meetings. Probably needed a better engine but at least I gave it a go. At times I wanted to focus on this but it was a reminder of what I had lost with dad.

So there we go I felt a bit beaten up in life but I know I've come through to the other side, I sympathise with many people who are challenged by inner thoughts working against them. Once I felt I was in a happier place I started the redesign of a Hot Rod website.

As I write this I am still moving items across from WJS to this site. I have been fortunate that I have other writers and photographers that have started contributing. I am aiming to have a mass of exciting information and articles, plus I will cover all non-contact formulas like Ninja Karts, Mascar and Midgets. The facebook page will have short snippets but as of now I will be banning from raffles from it, as they are the devil in disguise.










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