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Betfred odds Spedeweekend 2019

Paul Ballard

Have a flutter, place a bet, take a punt, let a wager, or just gamble.....call it what you like, we are in period of time where you gambling is easily accessible for the Spedeweekend.

For the past few years Betfred have been taking punters money at the Spedeweekend, sometimes the odds have been mega short other times you might have got lucky to put money on Scott Cochrane winning the Lightning Rod World at 14/1.

This year's bets can be placed with Betfred on National Hot Rods World Final, 2 Litre Hot Rods World Final and the Stock Rods British Chapionship. You can place a bet in shop, online or at track during the Spedeweekend. As always the internet will offer a few treats for setting up an online account but you will need to follow their terms and conditions.

Using any search engine will bring up 'bet 10 and get another 30 free' with Betfred. The small print is the interesting part. The initial bet needs to be a tenner on one bet, so no multiples and placed on odds greater than evens. The new 30 funds will be available up to 48 hours after that previous bet on a match/ race has finished. So if you want 30 of freebies on the Spedeweekend you need to set up an account during the week and bet on a random horse race or tennis match for everything to be cleared in time. Please note that there might be other terms I'm not aware of and betting is usually closed whilst the class is racing, so you may need to wait between qualifying heats.

For me, I like the occasional bet and enjoy gambling at the dogs I like the experience of being there. For Hot Rods it is really great that the sport is being viewed as a viable market by Betfred as they don't cover BTCC or British Superbikes.

Being a relatively unknown sport to Betfred they do need to cover their arse, so the odds are not as good as they should be. This in turn isn't good for the punter, each way bets now pay out 1/4 for the top 3, if that was horse racing that system would be used for 12-15 horses, so having 30+ drivers will make the savvy punter feeling slightly aggrieved. Now this has improved as previous years each way would only be top 2 at a Spedeweekend, equivalent to a 7 horse race.

The odds themselves are quite advantageous to Betfred as they have no competition so the vig is maxed out. Let me explain: if you convert odds to percentages and combine it would usually equate to 120-150%, that means around 20-50% buffer for profit. The current National Hot Rods odds equate to 400%.

I understand that betting within the oval World is relatively new and I do appreciate having it as a service but when you know how betting works you can feel a little mugged off. As explained the odds are not as great as they could be, the last horse race I could find with around 30 runners at Royal Ascot had 5 horses shorter than 10/1, in National Hot Rods there's 14 shorter than 10/1.

Having poor odds in my eyes does put people off, there are plenty of knowledgeable race fans who will look into the odds and perhaps not gamble as they would with other sports.

Does this mean that it is worth gambling? No, because firstly you can gain enjoyment out of the event and secondly there's some prices that stand out:

Of the front runners Rob McDonald stands out at 5/1 and even more so David Casey at 10/1, he was originally 28/1 when the odds were for released.

For the hot laps there are some drivers with low odds who have traditionally struggled: Kew, Weaver and Murray to name a few, however Gary Woolsey is sitting pretty at 20/1. Woolsey in my eyes has over the years qualified well but raced poorly.

In the 2 Litre Hot Rods Paul Wright is a shoe-in but the Stock Rods is a minefield. Reigning English Champ John Smith at 13/2 is sitting pretty and looking down the order at Scottish Champion Ricky White 33/1 might be worth an each-way bet. Michael Green gets my nod in the Superstox.

Good luck to all competitors, have fun if you are betting.










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